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Not sure that Champagne-Ardenne is in the top tier of French gastronomic regions. Not sure even its able to give only one or two specialties However, if the reputation of the food and products do not always go beyond the borders of the region, the greedy or the curious will not necessarily have to look far for wonders of mouth that will leave a memory on your pleasant moreish taste buds.

–          L’andouillette de Troyes :

–          The sausage from Troyes consists of chaudin (large intestine) and stomach pork cut into strips lengthwise, seasoned then grouped tightly in a natural hog casing, it is cooked 5 h broth

–           Le boudin blanc de Rethel,

–          The boudin blanc de Rethel, based on fresh pork, pork fat, milk and whole eggs, tolerates neither bread nor starch, which gives it its unique mellow. It is found in nature or stuffed. Try, for example, in salads.

–           Le pied de porc de Sainte-Ménehould

–          The pig’s trotter St. Ménehould entieret is eaten remains the same. The foot is long cooked in a court bouillon, then rolled in breadcrumbs and spent a very hot oven to crisp it. Rather advised in winter.

–          Le jambon cru des Ardennes,

–          The Ardennes ham, obtained from a fresh pork leg, hand rubbed with dry salt and spices before slow drying for a long ripening.

–          Le jambon de Reims

The Reims ham grown a little mystery of its development. From pallet and shoulder boneless brined and cooked in a special broth, meat pieces are assembled into a marbled jelly. Marble and covered with breadcrumbs

–          – La cacasse à cul nu : 

–          The cacasse bare ass: almost the Ardennes national dish. Stew of potatoes and onions fluxes.

–          – Les lentillons rosés de Champagne – The lentillons rosé Champagne not new. Traditional vegetable in the region. Its mild, sweet taste, attributed to the chalky soil of Champagne, in fact the end of the end of the lens.

–          – Le chaource

–          The chaource is a cow’s milk cheese, slightly salty, that smells of mushroom and cream, and a sweet, fruity, nutty flavor with a hint of acidity.

–          – Le langres,

–          The langres also cow’s milk comes from Haute-Marne. Its creamy texture is soft, with a strong flavor without being aggressive, making it a subtle cheese.

–          – Le biscuit rose de Reims,

–          The pink biscuit of Reims, locally famous, owes its color to the addition of carmine in their dough. This is one of the few dry to be cooked twice cakes (hence the name of bis-cuit). Rectangular, sprinkled on top with icing sugar before cooking, it is crunchy, but quenching (in port wine or champagne) or soaks (for charlotte roses cookies, for example). Since 1845, the Fossier house is the only one to make and to promote it.

–          – Le pain d’épices de Reims

–          – The spice of Reims bread owes its originality to its composition of rye flour flavored with honey.

–          – La tarte au sucre des Ardennes

–          – The sugar pie Ardennes is lighter than you think.

–          moutarde de Reims.

–          mustard Reims. est plus légère qu’on ne le pense.

–          – Le vinaigre de Reims

–          Reims vinegar is made from pomace bleeding after the second fermentation of champagne. Amber color, sweet scent and woody taste, it is declining throughout the range by home Charbonneaux-Brabant, which is also developing moutarde de Reims. mustard Reims.



Côté bière Side Beer, Champagne-Ardenne had in the early twentieth century some 350 breweries. Beer can also take advantage of a beautiful local tradition since grandfather, near Sedan, the first princes of La Marck produced since 1425 Today, a dozen breweries, craft mostly the ‘regionally have discount up to date, the best-known brands being Ardwen (Ardennes) or Valmy (Marne).


Les vins des coteaux champenois (AOC depuis 1974)

Wines from Champagne vineyards (AOC since 1974) are produced in small quantities as and grapes from the same vineyards as champagne, which is given priority. Made from pinot noir, red, with aromas of cassis, raspberry, cherry, the most famous are the bouzy Cumières and are very pleasant to drink/young Another wine from the hills of Champagne, rosé uncommon Riceys derived solely from a common Dawn Riceys. The reputation it has to be one of the best rosés from France is entirely justified, but his limited production makes it a rather expensive wine.

Less known for its apples and for its vineyards, Champagne-Ardenne yet develop locally produced, cidre fermier, cider, neither pasteurized nor sterilized, mainly in the Othe (southwest of Dawn) and the Ardennes. Twenty cidriers ensure that cider, slightly more acidic than its cousins ​​in Brittany and Normandy, a modest revival.

L’eau-de-vie de marc de champagne

The eau-de-vie marc champagne is produced by retorting said pomace (grape residue pressed to extract the juice last).

A third of marc, two thirds of wine, added sugar, here (in short!) How to prepare the ratafià, that is what Champagne is to Pineau Charentes, which is consumed in the same circumstances, usually appetizing.


whisky de la Montagne de Reims.

A curiosity: the whiskey of the Montagne de Reims. The distillery Guillon, Louvois, who has two single malt without playing in the big Scottish (the term “whiskey” is also forbidden) deserve to be tasted.

Another curiosity: theCacibel, which consists ofcider, blackcurrant and honey.Friendlyandlow alcoholcocktails(3%)inventedin the 1980scan be foundin someAubeproducers.

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