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Appellations of Origin (AOC ) are three in number in Picardy ( maroilles , champagne and salt meadow lamb of the Somme )


Boissons (Drinks)

Apéritifs :

Les spécialités (specialties)

L’agneau de pré-salé : – The salt meadow lamb : rich meadows of marsh , covered only during the high tides in the Bay of Somme part , are used by farmers to graze their sheep . Plants that grow on these media are saltier than average and high nutritional quality : the meat sheep that consume develops a very special taste. Also PDO ( European designation that protects its name).

 Les produits à base de canard colvert : – The products Mallard : duck hunting is a tradition in Picardy, and particularly in the Somme. Many products are cooked in derivatives. The best known is undoubtedly the duck pâté Amiens pie with stuffing in the middle.

 Les champignons de Paris: – Mushrooms of Paris : the south of the Aisne and the Oise have made ​​a specialty of fungi known as Paris is the largest producing region in France : limestone soils of the area provides the presence of numerous cavities temperature and humidity ideal for making mushroom and grow mushrooms .

– La confiture de lait : – The milk jam : specialty Aisne and Sains- Richaumont , it would be a mistake after cooking for a Napoleonic battle . Sweet milk have cooked too long ! The result today is a milky delicacy with a strong taste of caramel

– La ficelle picarde : – The Picardy string : the only dish with flamiche , which exceeded the borders of Picardy. According to the original recipe , invented in Amiens by a chief named Marc Lefèvre, in the 1950s , this beautiful savory pancake is filled with a slice of ham mixed with mushroom duxelles (especially not whole mushrooms !) with cream sauce (never bechamel ) . Au gratin and enjoy all …

 Le gibier :– Game: waterfowl on the coast, in the valley of the Somme and in the marshes of the Aisne and the Oise … Deer, deer and wild boar in the great forests of Crecy, Chantilly, Compiègne or Saint-Gobain … reasons to sample products of hunting are very numerous in Picardy, starting with terrines and pâtés.

– Le haricot de Soissons : – Beans of Soissons somewhat obsolete, bean Soissons, with its characteristic long pod and very thin skin, found in recent years some life through regional farmers’ associations. It is the largest of France, delicious and original tapas.

 Le macaron d’Amiens : – – The badge of Amiens in Amiens gluttony well known, it is actually a mixture of honey and almond oil that make it a kind of little soft cake and fondant with a slight taste of almond paste. Delicious!

 Le maroilles : – – The maroilles: definitely one of the tastiest cheeses of France. Past the smell that cools some, maroilles, which takes its name from a town in the north, but the vast majority of production is carried out in the Aisne is excellent with a good bread but also warm and melted sandwich, a pizza and of course the famous pie maroilles!

 La patate : – Potatoes: Potato, reduced to the rank of vegetable by Picard Parmentier, is obviously a tradition in Picardy, where she is also widely cultivated. Pompadour, juliette sands … The recipes are numerous, we will spare the list, just note the bisteu, sort of pie baked potatoes, best known in the Somme. It also grows blue potatoes vitelottepotatoes!

– Le rollot : – The rollot: another cheese factory Picardy side Montdidier. It is recognizable by its heart-shaped and yellow. Production has almost disappeared.

 La salicorne : – Salicornia: this plant, also called “samphire” or “sea gherkin”, lives in the estuary and is regularly flooded by tides. To survive, she has the ability to withstand salt production. Its regular flooding gives it a special taste that resembles pickle. Salicornia is used as a condiment, raw in salads or cooked like beans. Other salt marsh plants include pig’s ears (of the aster family).

– Le talibur ou rabote : — The talibur or planes: it is a baked apple in a barrel of pastry, hence the name “apple cage.”

 Le miel de tilleul : – – Linden honey: mostly occurs in the forests of southern Oise. Linden honey Picard is the reference in the field.

légumes des hortillons : – Also a special mention for vegetables hortillons, Amiens (see section “to see What to do The floating gardens..” In the “Amiens”).


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