The  Kir,

Kir Cidre Royal – made with cider instead of wine, with a measure of calvados added.

Kir Communard/Cardinal – made with red wine instead of white

Kir Hibiscus Royal – made with sparkling wine, peach liqueur, raspberry liqueur, and an edible hibiscus flower. Also found with sparkling wine and pear schnapps.

Kir Berrichon – from the Berry region of France. Made with red wine and blackberry liqueur (Crème de mûres).

Kir Breton – made with Breton cider instead of wine.

Kir Impérial – made with raspberry liqueur instead of cassis, and Champagne

Kir Pamplemousse – made with red grapefruit liqueur and sparkling white wine, which gives a slightly tart alternative.

Kir Pêche – made with peach liqueur.

Kir Pétillant – made with sparkling wine

Kir Pink Russian – made with milk instead of wine.

Kir Tarantino – made with lager or light ale (“kir-beer”).

Kir Bourgogne—This Burgundy version of a Kir is made with Crème de Cassis and red wine instead of white.

Kir Normand—Crème de Cassis with hard cider.

Kir Royale:  Dry champagne with crème de cassis

Kir Violette:  White wine and crème de violette, a violet-infused liqueur.

Kir mûre (blackberry),  peche (peach), lavande (lavender), verveine (lemon verbena herb), fraise (strawberry), myrte (myrtle) and so on.  .

Kir Bourgogne:  Red wine with crème de cassis (I’ve also seen this called a Communard Cocktail or Kir Cardinal)

Kir Framboise (or à la framboise)

Kir Poire: -a pear eau de vie.

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