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Cuisine et boissons Bretagne (Food & Drink Britain)

Armor and Argoat have always provided a wealth of products for an extremely varied and balanced diet. Better than that, revenue collected showed the influence of exotic flavours’, spices and herbs that marine related: saffron, vanilla, rum, prunes …

On the one hand, have proliferated mediocre pancake grill -pizzeria – fruits-de-mer, and, on the other hand , cooks opened their book, found the taste of their childhood and worked on the development of a vast culinary heritage.

Cuisine bretonne (kitchen Breton)

Les incontournables (Must have)

– Crepes and galettes : Pancake or cake ? Generally, the cake is made of buckwheat ( buckwheat ) and the pancake from wheat. For some, the cake is made of buckwheat and wheat pancake comes . That said , few crepe maker that do not mix the two flours to avoid the pancake is too dry.

– Fars: In lower Brittany, is far the most traditional to prepare buckwheat flour and wheat manner. There are sweet versions like the famous far prunes and savory versions . Nature or sprinkled with sugar , crumbled or sliced ​​, they ate far to accompany the meat.

kig ha farz : The most famous dish, typical of countries Léon : large peasant stew in which we find vegetables pork and of course far. (For white farz, mix the flour with the sugar and eggs.  Add the cream by mixing continuously.  Dilute with milk and add raisins previously floured.  Also put the dough in another canvas bag closing carefully, Dip it into the pot and cook for a period of 2 hours).

– Kouign amann : improved dough bread with butter and sugar, which is folded several times on itself .

– Traou -mad : Equally essential , the Traou -mad and galettes de Pont- Aven, cakes Pleyben , in Quimper , Saint -Michel , crackers Plumaudan , the lace pancakes Quimper Breton far with or without prunes.

– Beurre : – Butter: The flagship Brittany symbol. Salted. But there is also a historical reason why the butter was salted: the Britons were not liable to pay the salt tax ; they used lavishly. Today, despite the fridge, it is found on all tables.

– Sel : – Salt : is no longer the sea salt , one of the first local products to be become fashionable . On site you will find the kilo sold at a very fair price. Breton salt must owe its success to its quality more than any exemption salt tax !


Poissons, coquillages et crustacés (Fish and shellfish)

– Les soupes de poisson: – The fish soups , they are called cotriade or godaille have nothing to envy to the bouillabaisse. The fish of the day cooked in a broth with wine, well seasoned . There are as many recipes as villages, as families and as well as days in the year !

– Le bar : – Bass: noble fish par excellence, who enjoys rough waters and estuaries , where he likes to hunt . It can reach 80 cm.

– Les fruits de mer : – Seafood : attend an auction sale will make your mouth water : crabs , crabs , spiders, swimming crabs , mantis shrimps , squat lobsters , shrimp , and of course , lobster … All ingredients together to make a Breton dish. In addition, it is now more than a century in the eating in Britain ” Armorican “.

– Les moules et les huîtres: – Mussels and oysters are two kings shells in Britain. Some “raw” are particularly famous : Bay of Mont -Saint- Michel (Vivier -sur -Mer) , Pénestin … for molds ; Cancale, Aber Wrac’h Penerf , Riec -sur- Belon , Gulf of Morbihan … for oysters .

Mussels in white wine , bacon or mouclade be found on all cards restaurants in summer. Oysters can be eaten all year round , even out months in “r” (where they are so much more milky ) .

– coquilles Saint-Jacques: – scallops most famous come from Erquy . A nice plate must also include whelks, winkles , clams , clams, clams, rigadeaux ( shells) , scallop , sea almond .. With a little luck, you will find on the market for abalone ; it is a wonder , unfortunately too rare.


Viandes (meat)

– Andouille : – Smoked sausage, one of the great classics of Argoat . The most famous, Andouille Guémené -sur- Scorff (Morbihan) , must be smoke, soft , not too greasy. Equally exceptional , Andouille Baye (in South Finistère ) or andouille bacon .

But across Britain, the small village butchers will offer their andouille house , called ” country “. Very close to the andouille de Rennes. is a pure delight at breakfast ( yes! ) , a good slice of salted butter . In all cases, prefer the artisanal qualities: andouille supports neither plastic nor mediocrity.


Fromage (cheese)

– Le curé nantais : – The Nantes priest, it was created in Saint -Julien -de- Concelles , near Nantes, in 1880, advised by a priest cheese . This is the only really typical cheese of Brittany. The cheese is soft, raw and whole milk. The only manufacturer located in Pornic. There are several variations.


Fruits et legumes (Fruits and vegetables)

Argoat is today one of the leading French agricultural regions. Producer groups helped to safeguard and develop traditional vegetables and fight intelligently to promote their products.

Potatoes on the island of Batz, Plougastel strawberries , melon squirrel Rennes , chestnut ( Teillouse ) Redon are of great eating quality ; damage if their diffusion remains confidential. This is not really the case of apples , kiwis ( Brittany produces more than New Zealand !) , The inside scoop Nantes ; Nantes carrots and mash are smoothly on all French stalls .

Armor is not left out either since the chefs were infatuated kitchen algae .


Boissons (beverages)

– Le cidre: – Cider : farmer, artisan , stuffy , traditional, pasteurized … Each terroir is a variety of cider, each producer an assembly. The most famous wines are those of the country of Fouesnant, which include the AOC cider – of – cornwall . But that does not stop to find very good elsewhere.

Cider comes in eau-de -vie and alcohol in lambic and pommel, and cooking with cider , popular , marie taste of apple with meat or fish.


– La bière: – Beer and ale : today , no fewer than 15 breweries in Britain. And they make good beer ! Pils lovers , go your way , here we brews Breton craft beer , unfiltered, unpasteurized and more alcoholic . The most famous, Coreff Morlaix , amber and highly hopped , remains traditional . Bernard Lancelot, another heavyweight , took advantage of the special beers. In addition to its slightly honeyed Cervoise , it offers buckwheat beer ( Telenn Du) , a white beer ( Blanche Hermine ) . At Huelgoat in northern Finistère, the brewery An Alarc’h develops meanwhile the Hini Du and Tantad .


– Le chouchen : – Chouchen : Breton name mead ( Chamillard Gallo ) . It was the drink of the gods, druids and honeymooners.

The mead was given to date by some beekeepers enthusiasts. Good water , good honey and natural yeast are the only ingredients in the composition of a mead worthy of the name . While it is traditionally sweet and containing more than 14 ° , fans are turning more readily to more delicate driest chouchen .

It becomes difficult to find ones made ​​from buckwheat honey , but some brands offer products typed if not typical , pretty interesting … The classics are Yann Gamm Coray , the Lozachmeur Baye . Leaders are increasingly interested in more scents that can make in the kitchen.


– Vins : – Wine : in the absence of great wines, the Nantes Country has Muscadet , which is enough to prosperity. Friend seafood and protector of the spiny lobster, “little white -who- goes -with- everything” conquered all France. Not to mention the large -plant produced south of Nantes, and the hills – d’ancenis .


– Breizh Cola: – Breton cola, elbowing since 2002 to get a place in the big leagues . It has already been a coup in Lorient Inter-Celtic Festival , to the detriment of the American giant !

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