Central regions of France

The Central four regions of France include Centre Situated southwest of Paris the region flourishes with history,The northern region is occupied by la Beauce, also there are the Loire River Valley chateaux including that of the Chambord and the Chenonceaux, were the castles of the royalty and nobility of France, whose forests and hunting grounds stretch all around the castles of the river valley, In the southern area of the region lies the city of Bourges, home to charming architecture and the Gothic cathedral of Saint Etienne, a World Heritage Site. Burgundy Just southeast of Paris Just southeast from Paris — Burgundy, or Bourgogne, is perhaps best known for its vineyards directly south of the region that contains Paris, starting point of a line of vineyards that stretch south into Dijon; and Nièvre in the west, home to a gorgeous national park.  , Limousin is one of the smaller regions of France, located toward the south-western area of the country, just below the Centre Region, Known for its vast stretches of hills and upper highlands, located toward the southwestern area of the country. Not only is this region known for being sparsely populated, it is also known for having only a handful of more popular destinations , and  Auvergne, just south East of central France, below Burgundy. To see some of France’s purest, most unadulterated scenes of natural beauty, travel to Auvergne. Here lies the heaven for specific breeds of enthusiasts: hikers, nature-lovers and skiers. It suffices to say that Auvergne is reserved for those who prefer to spend time outdoors, but it is truly incredible to note just how geographically unique this place is.

Centre Region 11

The heart of historic France, the area between the Paris region and the Loire valley that was for many centuries the centre of the kingdom of France. Its capital is the city of Orleans the region is composed of six departments, the Eure et Loir  (28), the Loiret (45), the Loir  et Cher (41), the Cher (18), the Indre et Loire (37) and the Indre (36).

Burgundy or Bourgogne Region 12

The region is bordered by the river Loire, in the west, and by the Franche-Compteand Champagneregions in the east. To the south it is bordered by the

Rhone Alpes region. The Burgundy region is made up of four French departments. Northern Burgundy comprises the department of the Yonne (89), capital Auxerre, a rolling agricultural area bordering on the outer fringes of the Paris region. In the west, the Nièvre (58), capital Nevers, is a hilly department that includes the highest peak of the Morvan hills (Le Haut Folin, 903 m),  and a large part of the Morvan regional nature park. The Côte-d’Or (21), around Dijon, is hilly in the north west, and flat in the south east; finally, Saône & Loire (71) in the south of the region stretches from the banks of the Loire in the west to the foothills of the Jura in the east, and includes large flat expanses of the Saône valley.

Limousin Region 15

The Limousin region is made up of just three departments, the Haute Vienne (87), capital Limoges, the Creuse (23), capital Guéret, and the Corrèze (19), capital Tulle. the Limousin is mostly a region of hills and valleys and low mountains. The highest point in Limousin is the Mont Bessou, near Ussel, in the Corrèze department; it is the highest point of a large upland area known as the Plateau de Millevaches, which borders on the higher areas of the neighbouring Auvergne region.

Auvergne Region 16

Auvergne’s capital city, Clermont Ferrand, lying at the foot of an ancient volcano, is a city of a quarter of a million inhabitants, best known in France as the home of the Michelin tyre company. It is a busy regional capital with two universities, and is very much the region’s economic hub, and the only major urban centre in this largely rural region. Auvergne is made up of four departments, the Allier (03) in the north, the Puy de dôme (63) in the middle, and the Cantal (15) and Haute Loire (43) in the south. The Allier, chief city Moulins,  is a prosperous agricultural department, an area of wide valleys and gently rolling hills. Vichy, in the south of the department, is an elegant spa town famous for its mineral water

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