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Cuisine et boissons Lorraine : – ( Food & Drink Lorraine)

Cuisine : – (kitchen)

If we rememberthatthe Lorrainekitchenthat we practicetodayhas takenthesourceEnlightenment, it is preciselyduring this period thatwere bornthree of histastiestdishes, quiche,bite atQueen and…babaau rhum.

Concernant la quiche lorraine : – About quiche Lorraine, originally, it was a flat buttered dough on which a rudimentary migaine consisting of eggs and cream is poured. De La Chapelle, inventive chef at Château de Lunéville, imposes the bacon in the recipe. Should there be more or less cream milk? Twelve generations have not solved the ideal equation, which does not prevent the quiche to conquer the world.

Back at the castle of Luneville and the king’s court – Polish – Stanislas with Mary his daughter. In the footsteps of La Chapelle, the future wife of Louis XV advises. Tempted by the combination of a crispy pastry and soft cream poultry, it suggests a bite. The court tastes and bows to the dish which will become bouchée à la reine “the bite at Queen Mary Leszczyńska.”

These specialties, like other (meringues “Mary Leszczyńska” Commercy madeleines), demonstrate openness of the court of Stanislas. demonstrate openness of the court of Stanislas.

But Lorraine obviously has other specialties. How can we ignore potée lorraine (the Lorraine hotpot) (cabbage, bacon and smoked sausage) – not to be confused with the lorraine, purée d’oignons, Lorraine soup, onion puree and bacon, cream and cheese – les tourtes, or pies (Lorraine) filled with pork and veal related to eggs beaten with cream and pies les pâtés (Lorraine), pork and veal marinated well, but the Vosges pie, stuffed pancakes with white cheese and ham, pâté snails, frogs, game , mushrooms … or trout pate des Vosges.

Not to mention the onion pie or cheesecake, the Vosges, the suckling pig jelly, stewed poultry, sausage, andouille, the rabbit in jelly, onion soup, fish soup, fritters carp green sauce! Bacon, sauerkraut lorraine, pike stewed in Messina, perch at Savigny, eel stew to Meuse, loin of pork lorraine (with red cabbage), time Lorraine (smoked pork sausage sawdust beech), tripe Lorraine, pankoufles (potato pancakes and minced meat), kneppes (flour dumplings boiled in water), or grind, brioche tordée are also present.

Here and there, more targeted productions are biased to the products of the rich natural hand lorraine: game forest mushrooms (truffles coasts of Meuse, chanterelles, porcini, morels), local pig farm, calves, oxen, cheeses (like géromé, neighbor munster), fruits of the country.

This wealth is particularly exploited by professionals in the field of sweets and other delicacies. Some are typically local arm as Venus Remiremont (rolled biscuit with almonds and chocolate) pie Toulois of poppies, the oriquette area of Luneville (kind of bun), the conottes Valley Clefey in Vosges, bread Gallu of Saint Die (contains nuts and dried fruit), but others are better known.

This is the case of jam white or red currants – deseeded with goose feather! – Bar-le-Duc, madeleines Commercy and Liverdun, Verdun sugared almonds, macarons de Boulay, bergamot, crackers, macaroons and Visitation Nancy ice Plombiéres, rolls with anise meadows Gerardmer, barnacle thicket of spice Remiremont, chocolates Metz, Nancy, Longwy and Verdun, the Vosges candy honey, blueberry pie, the plum, rhubarb bread Vautes cherry, of course, pies “fruits of gold Lorraine “mirabelle, which is still syrups, jams, charlotte, soufflés, puddings, early-facts, gratins, water spirits!

Land exchange and passage at the crossroads of many civilizations, Lorraine took advantage of this unique position to invent a way of life based on an attractive and varied gastronomy and specialties that are worth a look.

Boissons : – (drinks)

Les vins de Lorraine : – (The wines of Lorraine)

At the end of the nineteenth century, Lorraine vines were more extensive than those of Alsace, with 6,000 acres operated since Roman times. Lorraine even had so envied status of largest French vineyard …

Phylloxera has been there and now the Lorraine wine lives on less than 200 ha. Of Toul wines Meuse, through the Côtes de Moselle, Lorraine is full of purpose and flower nectar.

The best trips start at Attic-sous-les-Cotes, in Meuse, where Pinot Auxerrois grapes and offer structured wines, a beautiful note of terroir. Then placed in suspended Hattonchâtel village a miracle of architecture nestled atop a hill overlooking vineyards and sun-baked. White, pink, red: everyone find happiness in the two operators in the area.

In Toul, the curious discover the originality of vines pressurées immediately after the harvest. This results in slightly pink wine with aromas of red berries. The Moselle owners will then open their doors. At Vaux, Ancy, Marieulles, Marange-Silvange or Contz-les-Bains, the freshness of Pinot and Gamay are rounded to the appointment tastings surprising.


In broad strokes of plant closures and relocations, the region has lost its luster in an area where it appeared the best French students.

In Ville-sur-Illon near Nancy, in Mont-Saint-Martin, further north, in Verdun, Mouzay or Pont-a-Mousson, they are a handful to offer as unique beers. Far from brewing 650 sites had the region in the late nineteenth century.

If their reputation is not yet beyond the borders of the region, Lorraine beers offer alliances taste deserving palace coup.

At the Norbertine abbey of Pont-a-Mousson, Lorraine Brewers offer a menu full of promise. Their latest pride? Duchess of Lorraine. Fine beer revealing a hint of white flowers rather surprising. Discover your eyes closed.

Water in Lorraine

It’s mostly a matter Vosges. Vittel, Contrex, everyone knows. At the time of the increase in consumption of mineral water, is less known than Saint-Die, Saulcy-sur-Meurthe and Lonjeaux, amateur mounted projects bottling spring water. Lorraine ground? A benefactor.

The Vosges mountains tired, yet so rich, from which springs mineral water recently become valuable resource. Vittel and Contrex: the heart of the Vosges. A particular economic heart. The giant Nestle, owner of the two sites, is the largest company Vosges.


Lined up along the coasts of Meuse and hills of Saintois the plum drink water liberally tumbling from the sky. The Meuse orchards abound with this enviable wealth.

Worked in a tart, plum Lorraine takes its famous sweet flavors. In water spirits, we move on. At the core of this fruit that made the reputation of the Lorraine. What for? The quality of a product where the fruit takes over alcohol.

For years, the Mirabelle de Lorraine, AOC, is gaining ground, with its subtle flavor.

To cope, distillers therefore rely on themselves, and the quality of their nectar to win the most prestigious competitions, such as Met

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