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Jewel of gastronomy Finistère

Breton lobster, recognizable by its beautiful black color with bluish tints that turns red brick cooking is with abalone, the “king of crustaceans.” Its firm flesh and deemed eaten cold or hot, en papillote, (sealed grease proof paper) grilled or ragoût, (stew)

  Aperitif  Kir Breton       Breton_kir  

  crème de cassis liqueur (Blackcurrant)            

  1 part blackcurrant four parts cider 



Salade  Cocos de Paimpol      

 Harricot beans soaked overnight. 

 boiled till soft, mixed with choritzo, 

 onions tomatoes, served old                     

     Le ragoût de homard                                  



Lobster Bisque Remove as much flavor as possible; even from the  shells that is why, I make this recipe every time I eat lobster over the years. Just the shell gives the taste and makes a perfect exquisite broth for a starter. But I have chosen to make my main meal putting the flesh of a whole lobster in each bowl.
   Crepe Breton       

































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