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Food & Drink Nord-Pas -de- Calais


The cuisine of Nord – Pas -de- Calais expresses two major influences : Flemish northwest , Picardy east and south – itself under Norman influence. Beer and cream north to south.

The kitchen is more than anywhere else in North marked by geography, but also by history. Food from the sea and a field kitchen, with five essential pillars: herring, rabbit, beets, potatoes and beer.

Boissons (Drinks)

Mineral water : in the north, two spring waters are used: Pérenchies and Saint Amand-les-Eaux

Lemonade: traditionally in northern France, local breweries make this drink.

manufacturing is due to the recovery of excess carbon dioxide generated by the fermentation of bière.Les components are simple: water, sugar , citric acid and carbon dioxide to lemonade nature, which are added for flavor flavored lemonade (lemon, orange, green banana, poppy, rose, violet)

Coffee : over 25 roasters ensure the tradition of coffee in the region that consumes throughout the day on many occasions. “Black p’tit” is already mentioned in Germinal Zola to fight against the cold and fatigue

Chicory grown on the sandy plains of Flanders, the chicory plant is harvested in October. The roots are washed, cut into strips, dried and roasted. Once cooled and crushed, chicory can be packaged as such, beans or ground, or converted into liquid or soluble chicory

The region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais is a world leader

Beer : second largest producer after the Alsace region, the monks Brewers High Middle Ages and John Lackland, a great defender of hops, which have made ​​the Nord-Pas-de-Calais a “region beer”

Today there are more than 150 breweries whose twenty manufacturer handcrafted beers character called indifferently “special beer”, “beer garde” or “specialty beers”

Blondes, amber, brown or white, high fermentation or low, these beers are characterized by their taste, a high density of alcohol (usually between 6 and 8)

is frequently found in their traditional packaging: the bottle of “champagne” type. Twice a year, each brewery in the region, in addition to its conventional production, offers its customers two seasonal beers: Beer Christmas beer Mars (also called Beer Spring)

Cider and perry: drink from the fermentation of apples and pears


Cocktail Avesnois: fermented drink made from different plants or different fruits


Chuche Mourette” drink containing alcohol, creme de cassis and juniper


Fermented beverages

– Beaded currant, cherry, raspberry: regional aperitif Côte d’Opale and Nord-Pas-de-Calais

– delight Artois: the fermented beverage is flavored apples black currant, cherries, to blackberries, violet, red or natural fruits

– rhubarb pleasure: sparkling fermented beverage made ​​from rhubarb

– Frenette: fermented beverage leaf ash


Eau-de-vie fruit

“Juniper” eau-de-vie of cereals (barley, wheat, rye, oats) fermented and distilled in an alembic filled with grains of juniper. Tradition, it is consumed with a strong coffee before heading down to the mine or start the day with blast furnaces in the steel industry.

Digestive derived from this water of life exist “gen’citron, gen’pomme, gen “pear” based Gin Wambrechies


Liqueurs Avesnois: regional craft beverages (liquor pink, violet, melon, thyme, poppy, mandarin)

Les spécialités (specialties)

– La carbonade flamande: – The Flemish stew : beef cuts braised with onions, then simmered slowly in the lager to which is added a slice of buttered bread with mustard, brown sugar , gingerbread … a sweet – salty.

cheddar gratin one does , and wheat beer . Sometimes we add an egg on top. Serve with chips of course !

– Le chicon : – The chicory : this is the endive in the North. In winter, we eat gratin , ham (with bechamel sauce and grated cheese ) , it is stuffed , it is eaten in soup or Can be used in salads.

– Le coq à la bière : –  Rooster beer : many dishes are cooked with beer . The rooster beer is one of the great classics blazed juniper and cooked in beer , with shallots, onions and mushrooms … It is served with a sauce linked to the cream.

– Le craquelin : – The cracker bread sweet, full of nuggets of sugar. This is a bread Sunday , a festive bread eaten with butter and hot chocolate.

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