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Pays de la Loire

Normandy, Brittany, Aquitaine … The ocean coast has its divas assertively, even Wagnerian character. Pays de la Loire, it is more in the Debussy. Here, Brittany shakes hands with Charentes, Normandy wife Val de Loire, Poitou launches its roots in Ile-de-France. And often, it borders on impressionism pointillism.   No real consistency in this area of ​​the country agglomerates, and each piece of the puzzle that is the Pays de la Loire is infinitely divisible. Vendee opposed marshes and groves, sandy beaches and coastline of granite. Anjou has its Val, his bright castles and horticultural campaigns. Nantes, the capital of the region, bordering on schizophrenia, between its past and its status Breton older sister in Pays de la Loire …   In short, the Loire region (Loire) is a true reduction in France, which is considered the most diverse countries in Europe. The Loire, backbone of the country, led a procession of rich land to the door of the world that is the ocean.

Cuisine et boissons (Food and drinks)

Spécialités gastronomiques (gastronomic specialties)

Certainly, the region did not invent the whipped cream and foie gras, but the food in the Pays de la Loire is not limited to pork products – sausages, Duck. Here is geography dictates menu. A profusion of rivers? These are tench, pike, salmon … But also, throughout the valleys, fat silt that appeals to futures. A sea coast? Here salt, shellfish and fish Wed Large pastures? Forward butter and triple cream. A poor countryside, difficult to access? Hello regional dishes, the pork, goat cheeses. If the Pays de la Loire, between them, form a perfect gourmand together, each of them still plays his personal score: Poitou Vendee, Loire in Anjou, in the Loire-Atlantique maritime, half in Norman Maine … Serve mushrooms Paris in the cave as the somersaults restaurants, because, blooming, they run amuck and do somersaults.The Vendee is the country mojettes these little beans marshes of various colors, as they cook all the sauces (even stew) and we If the Pays de la Loire, between them, form a perfect gourmand together, each of them still plays his personal score: Poitou Vendee, Loire in Anjou, in the Loire-Atlantique maritime, half in Norman Maine … and we accompany ham Vendée. On the coast, the flower of sea salt – unwashed or ground – is a treat to be enjoyed without accompaniment, on a slice of local butter. The same salt marsh samphire also produce a small algae, steamed, served with fish, and prepared in brine, pickles replaced with cold meats and terrines. As for poultry, they found in the region one of their finest vineyards: Praise while in capons, turkeys, chickens and guinea Sarthe combine abundance and high quality, ducks Challans Vendee, argue their fine red flesh.

Spécialités du terroir  (Local specialties)
We will probably start with a soup Anjou bijane (the bread crumbs soaked in red wine) or roasted (slices of toast soaked in cider) or Vendeen (kale and bacon, or soup beans and herbs).
Follow the pork. At Le Mans, they are rillettes, but also white socks. Anjou declines rillauds, sausages and gogues. Vendee transforms pork sausages, liver pâté with cognac, not to mention the famous pluck, which is little more than a skinless sausage. In the same vein butcher, the Vendée eats his larks pies and rabbits in pate, Anjou serves beef tongue in aspic
In the terroir of Angers, you must taste the ass of white wine and veal with morels, the goose stuffed with chestnuts Segre, or the badge of veal with carrots. More rustic Vendee stick to the pig, served tantouillet (offal stew in red wine) or tribalée (stew with herbs).
His grove is also the realm of complete meals” where kale, king of local vegetables, holds a special place. In Saumur, we emerged from the cave and the old parchments recipe fouées or cakes, a kind of buns baked before your eyes in the cave restaurants and mogettes trimmed, salted butter, potted meat, goat cheese, and even foie gras!

Spécialités de poisson (Fish specialties)

Far from simply grilled sardines, the Vendée refines its fishmongers preparations with chowder (cuttlefish and snacks Muscadet poached fish). Nantes, however, dispute over the paternity of Anjou famous white butter, which is none other, according to legend, a failed béarnaise sauce timely. But the Angevin have many other recipes, such as the block lamprey, tench sorrel, pickled shad, the pike rod, and the famous bouilleture, sort of eel stew with red wine and prunes served on slices of bread. Not to mention the wonderful fried Loire, eels, smelt and even bleak, served in taverns and watering a little pink or white very fresh!


The Vendee has made brioche,la brioche, his standard. It is in the village of Turquant, near Saumur, which can still taste the apples and dried pears, pommes et poires tapées. Finally, it is Sable-sur-Sarthe, in 1923, a pastry chef invented the cake of the same name, ancestor of the famous,pâte sablée. (shortbread dough). With coffee, if possible, finish with a short Quernon slate of specialty confectioner Angevin tribute to the generations of miners Trélazé and elsewhere.

Vins et alcools, (Wines and spirits)

On the southernbanks of theLoiremostly, butalso a bitnorth onthe oldrocksof the Armorican Massif, the wine industryin the regionof Pays de laLoireisan incredible mosaic of terroirs granite,shale, sandstone…the vineyard occupies much sunshine and swept bythebreezeof the ocean hillsides.

ExcludingfiefsVendee, small redorwhitelight, the regionsupports itsrenownedwineon twodistinct areas: the slopes of theLoireandthe NantesCountry. The slopesof the Loirehaveour preference. In Anjou, the vogue ofgamayorfamouslittle pinkcoverwinereallynoble. Connoisseurstheyhold inhigh esteemthesavennières, a dry whiteextremely fine, two great winesare calledsavennièresrock-aux-Moines andsavennièrescast-shaking. Moreover,with the exception ofSauterne, the best whitesweetare in Anjou Coteauxde-aubance, Coteaux-du-Layon, Bonnezeauxor quarter-thatch (the ultimate).

Red side, Anjou claims a champion of “fragrant-and-easy-to-drink”, the Saumur-Champigny, which competes with his cousin bourgueil on Parisian restaurants. While you’re at Saumur, lather your stay with one of its sparkling wines, elegant and full-bodied connoisseurs rank just after the champagne.

If great wines,the NantesCountryhasMuscadet, which is enough toprosperity: Friendseafoodand protector of thespiny lobster,”little white-who-goes-with-everything” has conqueredallthehexagon.It is collectedeverywhere,from the hills ofthe LoireRetz. As for the big-named grapeplantisnone other than the”crazywhite”, so named becauseits winesin the Vendee andelsewhere, is believed to make him mad! South ofNantes,itdoes not producelesslight and fruitywhites.Sideandrotgutliquorisin AngersAdolpheand EdouardCointreaudevisedthe recipeof the famousnectar-based orange peel,and it isstill in Anjou we must guignolet,made ​​from cherries macerated in alcohol, mint chip Giffard and triple sec Combier.

Les vins d’Anjou et de Saumur (The wines of Anjou and Saumur)

Regarding the vines, two major names to remember: Chenin for white and Cabernet Franc for the reds and rosés.That said, other varieties are often involved in making wine: Chardonnay and Sauvignon for the whites, Gamay, the groslot or Cabernet Sauvignon for red.

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