Poitou- Charentes 14

poitou-charentes 14

Cuisine et boissons Poitou-Charentes (Food & Drink Poitou-Charentes)

Cuisine (Kitchen)

  • Fruits de mer  (Seafood)

– Les huîtres : – Oysters: Charente-Maritime, they make 15,000 people live on small family farms, little mechanization. An oyster on two gobées in France comes from the largest parks in the country, located in the Marennes-Oléron (south of Rochefort).

  • Les moules : – Mussels: favored by a mixture of freshwater and seawater, is also vintage figure. In addition to the classic sailor, the Saintongeais prepare the fashionable home, that is to say mouclade – Pineau white sauce, with eggs and cream.
  • Les coques (Cockles) demanding a cream sauce and Pineau very caloric
  • Les pétoncles, – Scallops, caught (in winter), that can be done on the grill;  les clams, found the waters of Seudre their taste (eat fresh or stuffed); les couteaux, à la longue coquille tranchante ; les lutraires, the lutraires, whose shape is reminiscent of a big gray almond, etc.

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