South West

South Western France

Aquitaine capital city Bordeaux thrives by both land and sea. Thanks to its vast and varied landscape it has, to the north, hills and woodland, seaports and gorgeous vineyards all around the Garonne River valley in the middle, and in the south, great forests, a stretch of the Pyrenees Mountains and the majestic lands of the Basque Country.
Midi-Pyrénées is not a historic province. It is actually a 20th century invention, created as a result of the “regionalisation” process that took place in the 1970s. Like the Pays de la Loire region further north, Midi-Pyrénées was established in order to create a region around a regional metropolis, in this case the city of Toulouse.
Aquitaine Region 18
Bordeaux regional capital and capital of the Gironde (33) On account of its size, Aquitaine is a very varied region; the northwest part of Aquitaine, comprising the departments of the Dordogne (24) and the Lot et Garonne (47) is made up of gentle hill country, with large areas of vineyards in the lower lying areas, and woodland and mixed farming in the hillier north east The southern part of Aquitaine is made up of two distinct areas, the departments of les Landes (40) the most heavily forested area of Europe; a low lying area with sandy soil, almost the whole department is covered with pine forests interspersed with small areas of heath and farmland and the Pyrénées Atlantiques (64). is essentially composed of the former province of Bearn and the Basque country. It is a very attractive department, offering everything from  Atlantic surf on the beaches around St Jean de Luz and Biarritz, to good skiing on the slopes high up in the Pyrenees.

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